From time to time we will be posting testimonials and photos of folks who have come stayed with us on Bear Ridge. These photos are of our most favorite international guests and new friends. They are repeat guests and have written  us wonderful letters about their experiences here. Wolfgang Klepper of Karben, Germany and Christina Frei, originally from Germany and now living here in the United States (photo to left) and, Jill and Alan Gibbs of England (photo to right).







     Bear Ridge Cabin combines wilderness and comfort. We like to hike the Shenandoah Valley and enjoy the quiet pristine nature. At the same time we like to relax in front of the fireplace in the cozy cabin. George and Suzi are the perfect hosts who care for us with sensitivity and know when we need something or when we like to be by ourselves. However, the most spectacular hosts are the bears!

Wolfgang and Christina

    This cabin in the pines and the folk who own it, make it a wonderful place to stay. It has a magical feel up here in the hills, which is one of the reasons why we keep on coming back.

Jill and Alan Gibbs

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